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Getting to know Me, Getting to know all about Me!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


My name is Teri Bishouty, and I am the owner/creator of Bee Shoo Tee and Go. At the moment I am finishing up my third cup of coffee, trying to figure out what I want to do today, and I’ve decided to have a bit of fun and write my second blog post…

At Morocco my favorite pavilion in Epcot capturing our new Aladdin x Hamilton shirts.

There are so many times that I forget that business should be fun, and I find myself getting caught up in the “need to be perfect” mindset that I feel like I have lost personal connections.

So during today’s team meeting (which means a conversation I had with myself as I drove to work in silence while the kids were at camp; Hallelujah) I decided that I am just going to be my authentic/quirky self, let my guard down, and share that greatness with you.

Now as I sit here getting ready to have a cafecito, yep I am ready for more coffee; I’ve decided to share 17 fun facts, quirks, and many a secret or two with you.

1. I am Cuban American, and have a HUGE Cuban family. As we have gotten older life has gotten in the way and we haven’t been able to get together as often as before, but when we go it’s always Loud and Crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for a second.

2. I LOVE the smell of new books. I refuse to go digital, no nooks, no kindles, just old fashioned books. I am an avid reader, but the first thing I do before I begin reading is, open the book, bring it up to my nose, close my eyes, and take a big whiff. In that moment I am in pure bliss.

3. I LOVE going to Disney! Since we are from Miami it’s not too hard to get to WDW, so we go up to 3-5 times a year, which may not seem like a lot to some Disney addicts, but this is life post kids, I use to go more often pre-kids.

4. I am a mommy of two, delicious, rambunctious, Disney and dinosaur obsessed boys.

5. All my best ideas come to me while I am in the shower, and have to rush to my note pad to write down my ideas before I get dressed so I don’t forget. My entire Aladdin x Hamilton Mash Up tee ideas started there.

6. I LOVE musical theater, and because of this I tend to daydream in musical form. If someone ever told me they wanted to make a movie of my “super exciting” life… it would have to be a musical that was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

7. I adore all Disney Movies, but my favorites are Beauty and the Beast (both animation and live-action), The Great Mouse Detective, Pixar’s Cars, and both Mary Poppins movies.

8. I am terrified of squirrels! They are unpredictable shifty little things. I have embarrassed myself twice in Disney, and have almost lost of toe due to them.

Me and the hubs rocking our Aladdin x Hamilton tees with Princess Jasmine!

9. I have the best and most supportive husband ever! He is my biggest cheerleader, and has always encouraged me to pursue my passions. He supports any hair changes I may do (currently rocking some light lavender), and any other crazy idea I may come up with. I can go on and on about him so I’ll just leave it at… He’s just awesome.

10. It’s pretty embarrassing to admit, but I sucked my thumb until I was in 5th grade!

11. I am obsessed with makeup, which is pretty funny because I have always thought as myself to be more of a tom boy. But I love it, especially eye-shadow pallets, and lipstick. Currently my favorite brands are Colourpop for shadows and Fenty beauty for lips.

12. The first race I have ever ran was the Disney Princess Half Marathon this past February. Usually people start with a 5K, but not me. I held it together when I crossed the finish line, but broke down in tears when I got to my husband. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, but I loved it. And now I am currently training for two more half marathons.

Oh yeah I need to mention that my pregnant best friend finished the race before I did. She was a total rock star, and I needed a wheelchair to get to the car. Ha ha

13. I love anything Lin-Manuel Miranda does, he seems like such a great and genuine soul, and I think we could be best friends in real life if given the opportunity.

14. Bee Shoo Tee and Go has been the best creative outlet for me. Before I started the company I was a Pre-K3 teacher, and I stop teaching in order to stay home and take care of my boys. So there was a point where I loved being home but missed creating things. So that’s how Bee Shoo Tee and Go came to life, and I am still as passionate now as I was when I first started.

This picture was taken by our wonderful friends at Sees the Day Photography. It was our first of hopefully many photo-shoots at Magic Kingdom.

15. I get really excited when I come up with new ideas for shirts. You can actually tell when I get excited because I squeeze my fingers and raise my shoulders. I don’t know why I do it, but I have done it since I was a little girl. I actually get embarrassed if someone catches me doing it.

16. I am very awkward when it comes to taking pictures of my shirts for my Instagram. I recently decided that I would be a model for some of my shirts (it’s usually Ashley, my cousin, who is my model) but I wanted to take a more active role of showcasing my products, but I always feel so silly or feel like I look horrible when taking the pictures. (I actually have a blog post in mind about Instagram vs. reality, so that you all can see the glorious awkwardness that goes into getting that ONE good picture)

17. I have very dry/sarcastic humor. Some people just don’t get me, but it’s okay… I don’t usually mind ;)

Wow that was easier than I thought it would be. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and enjoyed the chance to get to know me better. If you didn’t… well at least you’re done and can continue with your life. Sorry I wasted 5 mins of your day.

But if you did enjoy I’d love to hear a bit about you! Feel free to post in the comments some of your own quirks :) Now it’s time for some more Cafecito! So I guess this could be a bonus fact… I live off coffee.

Live life colorfully and remember to always Bee Happy!



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