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My Disney + Top Ten

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It been six months since we have been rocked with the COVID-19 pandemic. So much, and yet so little has happened since March… Virtual learning, a lot of wine (well for the first two weeks), a surprise pregnancy (a complete shock for me), and making the hard decision to cancel our Disney Annual Passes (boy did that one hurt). There has been a lot of changes and yet I find myself happy in our new normal. I contribute my happiness to three things.

1. More family time.

2. I have learned to take nothing for granted.

3. Disney+

So, I have decided to share with you all my top 10 movies/shows that I feel everyone should watch on Disney+, and why it is that they made it to my top 10. I have not been able to see everything on Disney+, and there are some great things that either just came out or are coming out soon, so maybe I’ll have to come back and edit this list in the future.

There are also so many more titles that I love on this platform, but I am just focusing on the titles that I just keep coming back to repeatedly.

So here it is… My Top Ten on Disney+

10. Bluey: My boys LOVE Bluey, and I must admit I kind of love it too! The show follows Bluey and Bingo and how they engage in imaginative play with themselves and their Mum and Dad. The show is a real delight and I do not mind watching it with my boys on the daily.

9. Beauty and the Beast (animated version): I have loved this movie for so long that I cannot leave it off my list.

8. ThePrincess and the Frog: This is my most watched movie since it came on to Netflix and now on Disney+. I love everything from the characters to the music and songs. I truly feel that this is one of Disney’s most underrated movies.

7. Pixar’s Coco: Beautiful story about the importance of family. This is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and I am always so impressed with the way the Pixar family has the ability tell such beautiful stories, that are filled with heartfelt messages, and gorgeous visuals.

6. The Mandalorian: The Mandalorian was the first show we watched. Great fun and of course Baby Yoda (even though I am all about Mando through and through.) Season 2 will start streaming on October 30th, and we are so excited for that.

5. Newsies The Broadway Musical: I was obsessed with the film version since I first saw it years and years ago, but now with Disney+ I was able to watch the Broadway Musical and what can I say? I am hooked. Amazing performances by the entire cast, with incredibly fun dance sequences. Truly a fun watch for the entire family.

4. Frozen II: Anyone who knows me might find this surprising since I really DISLIKED the original Frozen. I did not find Elsa to be at all interesting, and I hated the song Let It Go. I did enjoy Anna (which I think is the best character in both movies) and the rest of the group, but the movie was an overall flop in my eyes. I was hesitant at first to watch Frozen II, but the moment Iduna sings All is Found I was covered in goosebumps “dive down deep into her sound, but not too far or you’ll be drowned” (I still get chills every time I hear it). I was very moved by the rest of the movie and learned to really appreciate Elsa.

3. Into the Unknown Making Disney’s Frozen II: I am a big docuseries junkie. This Docuseries follows the filmmakers, artists, songwriters and the cast of Frozen II as they are in a time crunch to finish the film before the premiere of the movie. I cannot rave more about this series. It was truly fascinating to watch the process of creating a Disney movie.

2. Hamilton: Need I say more? I have a whole AladdinxHamilton collection in my shop. Aladdin did not make it into my top ten, but it would unquestionably fall into my top 20.

1. Imagineering: AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! This docuseries is about the history of the Imagineering department. It gives history and firsthand accounts from the artists and engineers (imagineers) that brought Walt Disney’s vision of family theme parks to life. It embarks on the

story of one man’s vision that still inspires to this day.


Mary Poppins Returns and the Sound of Music: I find myself watching these movies when I am in a funk. I do not know how to explain it, but these movies are able to brighten my mood instantly.

So, there you are have it, my top 10 must watch on Disney+. It's easy to see that so many of these films have been a main source of inspiration for my designs, and each time I watch them I discover something new I didn't see before. I highly recommend all these selections, but if you haven’t had the chance to watch #1-3 please turn on your TV right now and start watching…. Trust me you will not regret it!

Live life colorfully and remember to always Bee Happy!



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